Top 5 Best-Paying Jobs In 2020

Whether you are looking for a career change or starting your educational or career path, there are a number of factors that pull us in various directions in terms of jobs. One of the biggest is the amount of money that you get paid for our work. Not to mention jobs that are also in high-demand, so you won’t have to worry about hunting for a long time after you graduate.

But what kind of jobs fit those characteristics? Well, we’ve compiled a short list that outlines the best 5 that you can work towards this year.


The highest paying job on our list is that of a dentist. In the US, the average dentist’s salary is $156,240. Naturally, getting paid that much and being in a medical field will demand a lot of commitment from you.

In order to become a dentist you’ll need to have a doctoral or professional degree from an accredited dentistry program. You’ll also need to pass several written and clinical exams. There might also be more in some instances depending on the state you’re in.

But getting past all that mess, you’ll get a hefty chunk of money for looking at a patient’s teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth for any problems.

Nurse Anesthetist

If teeth aren’t really your thing, your second best job in terms of pay on this list is a nurse anesthetist. Nursing isn’t an exclusively feminine job, and it’s also in high demand right now. Not just due to this pandemic, but as an industry as a whole. What’s even more interesting for this position is the ability to specialize in particular fields.

In this case, a nurse anesthetist is a type of advanced practice nurse (APN) who provides anesthetic treatments to those undergoing surgery or other medical procedures prior and after the operation.

They also provide assistance with physicians, other nurses, and medical professionals to ensure that patients are getting the proper pain management needed.

Because this is a specialized position, you’ll need a specific master’s degree in nursing to allow you to apply for this position. You’ll also need to pass a national certification exam. Each state may have different or extra requirements as well, so keep an eye on that.

But your dedication to that can pay off in a big way as these nurses enjoy an average annual salary of $113,930.

Physician Assistant

For those keen on healthcare, but not wanting to deal with the hassle of medical school, there are still good high-paying alternatives. One such example are physician assistants. These are people who – as the title explains – help physicians. Though a physician in this case can mean nurses, doctors, or other healthcare professionals that provide care and treatment.

These are the people behind examining patients, performing diagnosis and injuries, providing treatments, immunizations, and providing education to patients and families about care. They also prescribe medicine along with other high-level medical responsibilities.

Because you’re effectively a doctor in terms of responsibilities, it makes sense you’ll need a master’s degree and a license to practice. That said, depending on which state you intend to practice in, you may need additional requirements.

However if you can work past all of that, you’ll no doubt be able to find a job these days and enjoy an average annual salary of $108,610.

Software Developer

There is a lot of software that we use in our daily lives. All the apps on our phones, the programs that banks, and shops use, and more. Regardless of what industry you’re in, software is a component of each of them now thanks to various programs that have been created and implemented into those industries.

And all of that software demands not only development, but maintenance as well. Those who are responsible for all of that are software developers.

Naturally these people are in high demand and there’s a lot of incentives for it. All you’ll need is a bachelor’s degree in computer science, technology, or a related field. It also helps if you’ve got strong tech and problem-solving skills.

In terms of pay, you’re looking at a median annual salary of $105,590.


Due to the massive influx of data that’s available right now, there obviously need to be people who’ll take that data and turn it into something meaningful that others can use. Whether it’s putting together a strategy or making predictions, people realize these days that this data plays a critical role in businesses.

Statisticians are the people who’ll crunch these numbers and apply various techniques in order to guide many companies in researching, making important decisions and solving issues.

Because you’re handling such a technical and important job, many businesses require you to have a master’s degree in math or statistics.

That said, you may find some entry jobs that only ask for a bachelor’s degree.

In terms of pay, the median is less than a software developer, but still impressive at $88,190.

Keep An Eye For High Paid Jobs

Right now, healthcare and tech industries are expanding at a faster rate than any other industry. As such, there’ll be plenty of empty space for people to get in. In many cases, you’ll need to devote several years to this, but it’s a good investment, considering these jobs are in high demand and people are willing to pay a lot for those services.