Top 15 Jobs For Introverts

In the past, most companies would be eager to hire those bursting with energy and who would want to engage with others often. Indeed, companies would want extroverts in their company over any introvert.

Across the world, this stance made things intimidating for many introverts who were out on the job hunt.

In the end, while being extroverted would be favourable for many careers where interactions are necessary, there’s also always a job where introverts can thrive too.

With the world shifting so much, it’s no longer a bad thing if you’re an introverted person when you’re starting your career. The real challenge these days for introverts is actually embracing their introverted tendencies and making the proper career moves.

That said, in terms of finding good jobs that you can fill, you have nothing to worry about. Below are some of the best jobs that introverts can take up right now.

Who Is Considered An Introvert?

Before delving into the jobs first, allow us to briefly explain what an introvert really is. Some of you may already be aware or identify yourself as an introverted person. In that case, you can skip to the next section of the article.

But if introverts is foreign to you or you’re not quite sure if your personality type would fit into this mold, here is some specific information to help you with that.

As some of you may know, introverts are people who have a tendency to be on the quiet and reserved side. These are the people who prefer to stay away from any large gatherings or social events if they can.

That said, it doesn’t mean that introverts are socially inept. It merely means they have different preferences and qualities.

Introverts are naturally opposite of extroverts: those who love to be around other people. Upon further inspection though, you could say these types of things are one’s energy sources. As unusual as it may sound, this is something that the famous psychologist Carl Jung found out.

In the end, introverts and extroverts really just mean where you get most of your energy. For introverts, it’s being alone and doing something alone. For extroverts though, it’s being around other people and working in groups.

With this determination though, it can be really tricky to determine whether you are introverted or extroverted. For some people, you may be a mixture of both. Regardless, knowing which one you lean towards can help you in understanding your strengths and begin building your career in that way.

So What Is An Ideal Job For Introverts?

Whether you can identify yourself right now as introverted or perhaps a blend, you’ll want to find a job that obviously doesn’t overstimulate you. An ideal job is one where you can work alone when you need to.

With that said, there isn’t exactly a formula as to what you should look for in a job, however there are some guidelines that can help you.

Some things that you want to avoid are:

  • Organizations that have open work offices (a source of distractions and noises.)
  • Jobs that require several meetings throughout the day (meetings disrupt work, but also these can be seen as social events that can drain you too.)
  • Jobs with a lot of group work or interaction with people (collaboration is nice on the surface, but for introverts it can cause distractions.)
  • Jobs that require you to stand in front of an audience or involve public speaking (this is a given.)

On the flip side, ideal jobs for you would be jobs where:

  • You can work independently.
  • The workspace is quiet.
  • You are able to work on your own and allow yourself to focus on your work.
  • The meetings are tolerable. That means there are some meetings, but they’re not severely hampering your ability to work on a daily or weekly basis.

With all that in mind, is it possible that there is a job out there like that? How are you going to be able to find a job that fits that description? To that, we’d say first pay attention to the details mentioned in the job when you are looking at job boards.

That being said, you won’t get all the information from a job posting on the internet. You’ll get more of a feel for the place when you go through the interview process. In there, you can always ask about the work environment and your own expectations.

Some other things to keep in mind are:

  • Recall previous jobs and determine what characteristics you liked and disliked about the job.
  • Look for jobs that ask for “detail-oriented” people or jobs that mention they prefer people who work independently.

Top 15 Jobs For Introverts

So if you are an introvert, there are actually a lot of jobs out there for you to consider. That said, you also want a position where you can thrive financially as well. To get the best of both worlds, here are some of our top suggestions for your possible future job.


When people think of lawyers, they think of those in courts, constantly in meetings with clients, and more. How could this possibly be a job for introverts? Well, funny enough, research shows that lawyers lean on the introverted side.

This makes sense when you consider the finer points of being a lawyer. Yes, there is the court side of things, but for the vast majority of the time you’re doing research, writing papers, and putting together cases.

When you look at paralegals – those who assist lawyers – you’ll find these individuals to be further involved in research. These people are detail-oriented and offer a strong commitment to in-depth research.

The more you think about it, the more being a legal professional could actually work for you. Especially if you have an interest in the subject.

IT Analyst

Another solid option is working in IT. These types of jobs require technical expertise and a lot of time alone at a computer. Not only are these jobs in high demand right now across the world, you can also flex some creative muscles in this industry too.

Animal Care Worker

As the name suggests, your job is to take care of animals. This means working in pet stores, zoos, animal shelters, and other commercial stores that require this sort of stuff. Digging further, you’ll find that these workers take care of training, feeding and grooming too.

Because of this, an animal care worker spends more time around animals than people. The only kind of trade-off is that depending on where you are stationed at, you could be getting paid less.

While working in a zoo or doing animal research will pay very well, those doing grooming or looking after a pet store may not make as much. However if money isn’t a huge concern, those too can be rewarding.


This is probably the ultimate path for an introvert when you think about it.

As an accountant, most of your work is done independently and it requires a lot of attention to detail and focus. And if you want to keep socializing down, avoid big firms and corporations and settle with small, local businesses.

Video Editor

Video commercials and products is something that is being embraced by businesses and individuals alike. Videos is literally everywhere and most people are looking for people to make their videos more technical.

You can easily make a living from this and thrive as an introvert in this area. To start, you’ll only be interacting with a handful of people. Furthermore, this can be treated as a remote job as you can work anywhere so long as you have a computer.

The other thing to consider with this path is that you’re not required to go to school to get a degree for this. You can easily build your own portfolio and start freelancing.


Writing is often a task that demands several hours of peace and focused work in order for task to get completed. With this in mind, it means that you’ll be spending many hours sitting in front of a computer, thinking creatively and concentrating on your message and wording.

If you decide to publish books, chances are there will be little to no interaction involved. At “worst”, you may be interacting with a handful of people if you decide to go down the freelance route and bring in clients to work for.

All in all, these days being an author or writer is very lucrative. More lucrative than most people think these days. You can easily mold this path into a fulfilling career. Best of all it doesn’t take any extensive education to become a writer or author.

Social Media Marketer

While you’d think of a marketer as someone constantly interacting with people on social media – specifically social media marketing – has provided a nice gateway for introverts to thrive in. While in social media, you are interacting with people, there is nothing social about it.

When you think about it, you’re mostly working at a computer putting together carefully prepared ads. You’re also paying attention to trends and the client’s audience.

These types of jobs can be done in-house, but similar to writers and video editors, this can be done remotely too.


These are the people who look after records and manage catalogs. Archivists are people usually found in museums, libraries, or other places where records are kept.

In this job, you’ll spend a lot of time on a computer or with physical books and documents. There won’t be a whole lot of interaction involved and you’ll have plenty of time to work alone.


For those fluent in another language, working as a translator can be fulfilling and help you to reinforce your other language. In terms of this job, you’ll find yourself looking at various documents and translating them. As such, this requires time to concentrate and to be alone.

As such, you’ll be at a computer most of the time, rather than interacting with people. Furthermore, this is a prime opportunity for you to work as a freelancer in this industry too.


While this one does require human interaction, most situations involve you talking to a single individual in a quiet environment.This path is great for those who love listening to others and engage them with deep thoughts on complicated problems.


While engineering covers a wide selection of jobs, most of them require those to delve into deep work and focus on solving complicated problems.

There is some interaction involved no matter where you look in these jobs, but it’s not constant. It’s great for people who are a blend of extroverted and introverted though.

Financial Clerk

Not to be confused with an accountant, these individuals are responsible for maintaining financial records. This title tends to be used by companies like insurance agencies, credit services amongst other financial institutions. This title can also include things like credit managers, billing, administrators, and others.

Regardless, a lot of this work is usually done in front of a computer and looking at plenty of numbers. This is ideal for introverts who love numbers, but want something not as intense as being an accountant.

That said, do pay attention to job requirements or any information during interviews. Some may require a little bit of customer interaction.

Web Designer/Developer

These are the people behind making sites. They do coding both behind the scenes and in front of them. While this task has gotten a lot easier to the point anyone can throw together a site, web developers are still in demand as they can build even more complex sites and more.

Overall, human interaction is kept to a minimum in this occupation too. Most interaction you’ll get is if you decide to go the freelance route. Even then, you’ll be talking to only one individual most of the time.

Graphic Designer

Similar to web designers, these individuals require several hours of working at a computer. Though this type of work can allow you to be more creative. Furthermore this job demands people to spend those hours in concentration and have a good eye for detail too. Also note this job can be done via freelance too.

Being Self-Employed

The final consideration we want to offer is going down the route of making a job that you create yourself for yourself. That’s right, being self-employed.

While many people think of this as highly interactive, it really depends on what kind of business you wish to build. As we’ve mentioned throughout this article, some of these jobs can be taken down the freelance route. In other words, you can turn those jobs into a legit business for yourself.

If those jobs don’t strike your fancy, you can look for being involved with other online businesses where everything can be done on a computer.

Mind you, building a business yourself can be challenging when you start off, but it can be deeply rewarding for you and for your future.