Top 10 Side-Hustles For Millennials

You’re not alone in feeling that your job is going nowhere and you’re looking for something more fulfilling or even to make some extra cash on the sound. Out of all the generations, millennials are the group most interested in work that provides purpose and helps them out with massive financial drags like student loans.

In an attempt for solutions, some of the most appealing solutions come from other part-time jobs, or side-hustles. And these reasons make perfect sense.

Millennials were the first generation to be exposed to mass digital technology. Furthermore, they have a tendency to possess a broad base of knowledge and expertise. All of this allows them to undertake particular tasks and work on them quickly and efficiently. All in all, millennials are able to make the most out of limited resources and create grand things.

All of this echoes typical start-ups or even side-hustles as these are projects that require little to no capital to start up depending on what you’re doing.

The only snag that millennials face is what would be the best sort of side-hustle for them to take? With so many different opportunities out there and paths, we’ve put together a list of some of the side-hustles that most millennials do. This should narrow your list and help you uncover what is good for you.

Building AI-Powered Virtual Assistants

AI has come a long way to the point that most people don’t even know if they could exist without it or not at this point. Fact: you most certainly have thought about that too. The reason AI has gotten so powerful is due to the fact there are many virtual assistants working on these.

This industry continues to expand to the point that now many people can follow this same path or even make their own chatbots too. Because of this massive development, it’s easy to find platforms (like ChattyPeople), and create these bots easily. After your bot has been created, you can then offer up its services to others.

Provide Online Courses

Knowledge these days is more readily available and many people can get away with not having to go to college to develop skills. One of the large contributors to this is the plethora of online courses from a variety of websites. If you have any particular skills in a certain area, you can put some of these platforms to great use, providing additional material and sources that can attract potential clients.

There are different ways you can go about this from simply making a Youtube channel revolving around those aspects or pushing for other online courses and releasing them as a batch on platforms like SkillShare or Udemy.

Writing Ebooks Or Other Material

Writing and editing is another common industry that millennials jump into for side-hustling and it helps out a lot. While paid clients can give you a nice cash boost, publishing your own content can net you some cash long-term over time.

The same holds true to publishing ebooks and selling them.

Similar to online courses, you can fill these with valuable information that readers would be willing to pay for. Like these other methods, you don’t need to be incredibly skilled in order for these to sell. You can always start with generic pieces or do some research to find other skilled individuals that you can learn and grow from.

Make Greeting Cards

For those leaning on the more crafty side, you can always lean into that talent more and express it through various mediums. One such avenue is through greeting cards. Whether it’s hand-made or digital it’s up to you and what you are most comfortable with.

All that said, you don’t necessarily have to go into greeting cards. If you are good with drawing or have other creative ideas, you can always pursue those endeavours as well. The whole idea is putting those skills to the test and developing them.

Also note that many creative skills can branch off to other areas. For example, if you’re good at greeting cards, you’d also be able to write strong mottos, slogans, jingles, or other small pieces of text to improve your material and product, but also use it to provide start-up slogans, bumper stickers, or great quotes.

Reselling Online

Out of the other options on this list, this one will require a small, but solid budget to make it work. The whole premise of this idea is that instead of being a full-blown seller (selling something you create yourself), you focus on buying bulk deals and selling them individually.

All of these items are things that people will buy anyway and don’t require a huge amount of persuasion to buy. Things like cell phone screen protectors, extra USB cables, or memory cards are some of the simple basic things that come to mind. These are also the very same items that you can buy in large quantities for a small sum of cash and sell them for more than that when you sell them one by one.


Customer service is a big aspect to every business and requires very little experience to perform properly. All you need is a good attitude, stable internet, and the ability to follow directions from the company and you’re good to go. In terms of telecommunication work, your duties entail covering customer inquiries, processing sales, and settling technical issues.

What’s also really nice with this is that you may not even need to use a phone as some companies deal with customers through email or chat.

Overall, you get paid a good amount of money for work that doesn’t require a whole lot of effort.

Affiliate Marketing

Similar to the reselling aspect mentioned above, affiliate marketing is the idea of selling a product that someone else created and getting a commission. It’s a little different from reselling as you don’t need to necessarily buy the product yourself in order to sell it.

This does require a little bit of set up though as many affiliate marketers make good money by leveraging backlinks through a website that they own. Another way you can look at it is getting paid to post a few links of a particular company directing people to those particular pages.

Another approach to this is providing product reviews, and descriptions as well. The only other thing to note about this is that you want to be clearly stating is that you will receive compensation should people buy from the company you’re linking to.

House Sitting

While not an online gig, this is still something you can do locally without too much issue. Well, maybe right now especially, considering there’s a pandemic. But beyond that, housesitting is actually something realistic you can do.

Many people take holidays and vacations and are away from the house for a while. During these periods of time, many do tend to worry a little about their belongings. This is where you can come in and provide peace of mind to these people.

You’ll still need to be extremely careful and have an eye for attention and detail, but this is something you can do on the side without committing a lot of your time to.

Personal Assistant

For those with a knack for staying organized, being a personal assistant for someone is a good way to make those skills shine. On top of that, you can also provide this service remotely, which cuts back on the amount of time you need in order to manage the schedule of your clients.


Leveraging our skills and passion for technology, we certainly know our way around a camera. The jump from the camera on your phone to a digital camera is easy and with that, you can quickly become a digital photographer or videographer.

The beauty about this side-hustle is that you don’t need to have a thousand dollar camera in order to take fantastic shots. If there is any indication from phone cameras, you only need to invest in a recent point-and-shoot camera that’s hovering in the $400 range or higher.

Beyond that, people can pay you good money for those photos and you can leverage them in so many ways. If the shots are for the general public, you can make them royalty free and post them on many royalty free picture sites. Or you can request personalized individual shots from paying customers.

Be Eager And You’ll Find Many Options!

While there are many challenges that millennials face today in terms of work, there are many possibilities out there for them as well. You can easily take these side-hustles and turn them into full-blown businesses if you want to. Either way, these don’t require a huge amount of time or a lot of commitment to see them rise from the ground and begin to earn you money. So try them out and see where they’ll take you.