The 7 Best TV Shows About Money

There’s no question that our lives revolve around money. We need financial security in order to afford a comfortable home, food, and all the pleasures like vacations and the newest iPhone. So it comes as no surprise that money makes for great television drama, whether we’re talking about a scripted show or news program. What are the best TV shows to watch if you’re all about money? Here are some recommendations by the financial experts themselves. (We’ve also thrown in a movie because no list is complete without it!)


If you’re a financial advisor, you’ve probably come across a few clients that you had hesitations about but took on anyway. This describes what’s going on in Ozark. Marty Byrde is a financial advisor who agrees to work with a client who he has reservations about, and it results in Byrde going down a rabbit hole full of crime. A good comparison would be “Breaking Bad,” but involving money laundering instead of manufacturing meth. Is it realistic that Marty is able to get away with all his illegal shenanigans without law enforcement catching on? Probably not. But a TV show about a financial advisor doing normal, mundane stuff would be really boring, right? The popular Netflix series began its fourth season in January.


This show has it all. Wealth. Power. Corruption. When all of these elements are intertwined, it makes for very compelling TV. The show’s main characters are Bobby Axelrod, a hedge fund manager who does things his own way even if it isn’t exactly legal, and Chuck Rhoades, a prosecutor who’d like to see Axelrod behind bars. The plots are based on actual cases that a former U.S. attorney for the South District of New York had to investigate. The sixth season of Billions premiered on Showtime and Amazon Prime Video on January 23rd.


Decades from now you might just be a business owner who is trying to plan how to pass your business down to your heirs. It’s not going to be an easy process, but hopefully you never have to deal with the drama that Logan Roy, the CEO of a powerful media conglomerate has to face. Succession is a satirical comedy that involves Roy’s four children, each of whom has their own greedy interests in mind as they plot to become the most influential member of the family. The award-winning show, which is available on HBO Max, recently finished up its third season.

“Face the Nation”

It’s been said that the best current events interview programs are the ones you can listen to without having to watch it. Face the Nation which has aired on CBS since 1954 is available in podcast form, which means you can listen to the episodes while driving to work or when you’re running on the treadmill. Currently hosted by Margaret Brennan, it features some of the most prominent politicians making news, and includes a roundtable discussion that often revolves around financial matters. Catch new shows live every Sunday morning on CBS.

“Meet the Press”

Face the Nation’s chief competitor is NBC’s Meet the Press, which has aired on NBC for more than 70 years. The format of the two shows is nearly identical, with presenter Chuck Tod interviewing important political figures and discussing the biggest news items of the week. Along with the live TV version on Saturday mornings, you can listen to the podcast version through the NBC website.


This New York-based show is for those who want in-depth analysis about all of the various long-term investing strategies, covering stocks, bonds, property, and even assets like art and collectibles. Host Consuelo Mack discusses economic and wealth-related topics with renown fund managers and expert economists. The show is available through the WealthTrack YouTube channel as well as its website.

“Wall Street”

Although this Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen vehicle is actually a film and not a TV show, of course it has to be on anybody’s list of financial-related entertainment. Released in 1987, Sheen plays Bud Fox, a junior stockbroker who wants to impress the legendary investor Gordon Geeko, portrayed by Michael Douglas. The movie’s iconic quote is “Greed is Good.” There are both good and bad takeaways from Wall Street. On one hand, it exposes the crookedness of the financial industry. On the other hand, it also seems to make insider trading and other illegal activities appear to be sexy, even when it can result in prison time. In other words, if you’re going to learn the ins and outs of the stock market, it’s better to rely on trusted sources rather than drama films, even highly entertaining ones.