The 12 Best Places for Single Boomers to Retire in the US

Many couples often fantasize about spending their retirement together, but life doesn’t always grant them that wish. Whether through a divorce or through the passing of a spouse, many elderly people are finding themselves single. But how are you supposed to spend your retirement when you have to spend it alone?

Well, there are a few cities out there that are really wonderful for single boomers to spend their retirement. Let’s take a look at some US-based cities that have everything a boomer could want.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a city with a huge single boomer population. In fact, over half of the women aged over 65 find themselves single, and about a third of the men. The only real downside to this vibrant city is that the real estate prices aren’t for everyone. You’d need to have a pretty penny saved up to be able to get even a modest housing solution there.


Much like San Francisco, this city has a high percentage of single boomers. It’s a far more modern city, however, since it’s still growing rapidly. You can expect a lot of stuff to do there and a lot of options when you’re looking for a relatively new place to stay in.


Houston is mostly known as a more metropolitan city where people usually move to, because of the ample job opportunities. While that’s not very useful for people in their retirement, it is a rapidly growing city, teeming with life and things to do, and it’s affordable to boot.


The infamous Rock City has some of the highest percentages of single boomers – nearly 60% of all women over 65 there are single! If you want to spend your retirement living in a very lively city with loads of opportunities to catch a live music show or take lovely walks, Detroit is probably as good as it gets.


Mostly a city where people go to study, this could be a good spot for retirees that want to surround themselves with young people and maybe even take a few classes on the side. In terms of medical care, Boston is also one of the best in the United States so that might be a nice upside for people reaching a certain age.

Washington, D.C.

If the President can live here, it has to be good for older people, right? There’s a lot of history and tourism in Washington that can be a perfect way to waste some time and get to know the ins and outs of the United States of America.


This city is another one that is rapidly growing, which means there are plenty of new people, new housing opportunities, and new facilities being added on a short-term basis. The city is rapidly evolving, and it’s definitely a good spot to spend your retirement.


If you want to be able to visit New York and Washington, D.C. but want to keep your house affordable, there’s no better option than Philadelphia. The city in itself has a lot to offer in terms of culture and history, but it’s also located on the train line between the formerly mentioned big metropolitan cities. Truly the best place to stay if you’re a culture enthusiast and city hopper.


Life doesn’t always have to be work or culture, sometimes it’s just beaches and cocktails. It’s a spot where retired people often end up in when they crave the constant feeling of being on holiday, so you’ll have those sweet, warm winters and plenty of people your age that are new to the area as well.


If you’re the opposite of the Miami people and want your winters as cold as possible, Chicago might be more up your alley. It’s an industrious city with all the best and all the worst parts you’d expect, but it’s a place that never gets boring and is booming with new people to meet.

Los Angeles

This is the option for the people that want Miami-esque weather and also want a booming, vivid city like you’d have in Chicago, Detroit, or Washington, D.C. Living in LA means you’ll have the luxury of being near the movie industry, which is a nice added bonus if you’re into that. The big downside to this area is that it’s ridiculously expensive, but nobody has ever claimed that the price wasn’t worth it.

New York

This city has over 1 million single boomers living in it today, and due to its amazing public transportation, you don’t even need to live in central Manhattan to be able to enjoy the city’s many treasures. The only real reason not to move to New York is that it’s probably one of the most expensive cities on this list, and some people may find New York itself too crowded.