Start Making Money from Writing Now

If you are good with words and confident in your writing abilities, you can earn from writing. Many people who can write are yet to realize how lucrative writing has become in recent times. Gone are the days you have to wait to be discovered by some book agents before you can earn from your talent. There are so many ways to make money writing, and we will briefly discuss most of them.

Specific Ways to Make Money from Writing

Currently, here are the major ways you can earn money by writing:

Content Marketing

A content marketer helps businesses to create all kinds of content for their website and other digital marketing endeavors. The content will range from blog posts to landing pages, newsletters, press releases, guides, and even website copy.


A copywriter helps businesses to create marketing content that can convince their audience to take action. This is the persuasive type of writing that is used for marketing in websites, newsletters, apps, ads, and other media.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing involves writing for all kinds of clients and covering almost every type of writing. Freelancers are versatile writers that can adapt to different writing styles to suit what their clients need. If you are versatile, this is a very lucrative career you can pursue. Full-time freelancers earn well.


Publishing a book is a lot easier today than it was a few decades ago. If you have a great book idea and feel like people would love to read your work, you can take the bold step of writing and self-publishing your work. Kindle is the biggest hub for self-publishing books and e-books.


Blogging is one of the best ways to take advantage of your writing talent. It is one of the best ways of passive income generation, though the blogosphere is a little saturated now. You can still start blogging and build your audience if you are confident and willing to put in the work in the early days. When you have built your audience, you can monetize and shoot for a five to six-figure income.

Writing For Medium and Their Partner Program

Medium is one of the biggest platforms for casual writers to make money. They make earnings from writing very easily. You just need to join the Medium Partner Program and start creating quality materials that the subscribers will find helpful.

Writing For Magazines That Pay

There are magazines that pay their writers. You just have to check with them and see if you can write the sort of content they would love to publish. Your content will be subjected to rigorous vetting, and when it is published, you will be paid. Some pay really well.

Entering Writing Competitions

If you are the competitive type and are very confident with your talent, entering writing competitions will be the most fulfilling way to get your works out there and earn from them. This is most suitable for literary writers and can open the door to bigger opportunities.

How Can You Find Paid Writing Jobs?

There are several ways to find writing gigs and earn from writing. Freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr have millions of clients that are looking to hire remote writers for all kinds of projects. You just have to join and create a fitting profile to attract clients. It may take a while to get your first gig, but it will get easier with time. Other ways to get paid writing gigs include:

  • Cold outreach to specific publications and companies
  • Searching job boards like Problogger and BloggingPro
  • Searching Craigslist for reliable individuals looking to hire writers
  • Creating a website portfolio and promoting your writing services

While writing can help you make side income on a consistent basis, it can so lucrative that you will take it up full time. Start with any of the options discussed above and continue to explore better opportunities. Good luck!