9 Money Affirmations That Actually Work

For those of you that have no idea what money affirmations are, they’re basically things you tell yourself that will help you create your own reality. It’ll help you keep the focus on your goals, making you ultimately reach them, or at least in theory. They’re often worded very positively and should phrase the goal you’re trying to achieve.

Let’s take a look at some money affirmations that’ll actually work. They’ll set goals for handling money, controlling money flow, and deciding what to do with your money.

I am ready to create my own story of abundance with money”

Well, aren’t you? Don’t you want to have money to burn? Money isn’t a bad thing and you need to accept that since money is a good thing, more money is probably just a better thing. There’s no need to perceive money as something that’ll remove you from your upbringing or anything like that, having wealth doesn’t define who you are.

I’m experiencing an increase in my flow and accumulation of money”

In order to obtain more money, there are two things you need to keep an eye on. First off, you need to start making more money. That’s the part that most people seem to understand easily enough. Secondly, you want to retain what money you have as much as possible. If you’re going to be making much money and spending more as a result, your balance will remain the same. You need to increase your income and reduce the money that goes out as much as possible.

Money loves me and I love money”

Sure, it sounds weird, but isn’t it also kind of true? Are you ever unhappy when you get money? As long as your money doesn’t control you, there’s literally no downside to having it. Or having more of it. It’s just a tool that you can use to make your life easier, and thanks to unbridled capitalism, there’s almost no limit to what money can do for you.

I am grateful money is easy to come by”

You really need to believe that making money is easy or you’ll never find the energy to get started on it. You need to make yourself believe that you can make money whenever you want to – because you actually can. You may not be able to make it in the way you want to, but you can always find more money to grab a hold of.

I am deserving of financial affluence”

That’s just a lot of fancy words to say you’re allowed to like and want money. But you are, because how else would you be able to function in society? You can’t go to a store and pay with good intentions, so why be ashamed of wanting to have it?

I am grounded with money”

Like I said before: there’s no limit to what money can do for you. You need to be aware of this and make sure that money doesn’t start guiding what you do in life. You’re the one that guides the money in the direction of the goals you want to achieve in life. It sounds easy enough on paper, but that also means closing yourself off to outside influence and fear of missing out.

I’m grateful there is enough money and more”

We all know that this isn’t technically true if we’re looking at poverty rates, but at least in most western countries money is abundant enough that you shouldn’t need to feel overly bad about wanting to hoard a bit more of it. While there is poverty in the world, there isn’t an actual scarcity of money – there’s just a really bad distribution system in some countries. You, having more money, doesn’t mean we’re going to run out.

I am managing my increase wisely”

If you’re not sure what to do with your added income and how to invest it to maximize your financial gains, it never hurts to get some experts in on the fold. You can’t have all the answers all the time, and the money spent getting someone that knows what they’re doing to help out will usually earn itself back tenfold.

I am grateful I can get the help I need with managing my money if it is supportive to me”

Asking for outside help usually has some big mental barriers tied to it. We often feel like asking someone else for help is due to our own failing, so we kind of ignore it for as long as possible. As said before, there’s no need to do that. If you don’t have the answers yourself, just get some help. This doesn’t just apply to money, by the way.