11 Cool Jobs To Try While Figuring Out Your Career Path

As the workplace environment has changed so much over the years, it’s reached a point where it’s generally accepted to be adventurous in your twenties career-wise. It’s not all about finding the one place you’re happy at and working at that same place for the next thirty or forty years.

Instead, what really matters is work that allows us to learn new things, makes us feel challenged and excited at the same time.

With this in mind, we’ve looked at some cool jobs that you can try if you’re still figuring out what to do with your career path. These go beyond a stuffy cubicle and are jobs that most people find to be exciting and a good reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Working At Any Startup

Many people associate startups with Silicon Valley, but they are literally everywhere.

Someone, somewhere always has a new idea and wants to build a company around that idea.

These are exciting places to work – especially the ones that are actually going somewhere and growing, of course.

The beauty of these companies is – first, the hierarchy is much smaller. Working for a massive business means you’ll probably never chat with the CEO of the company or even those around the CEO. That’s not the case with startups where the CEO is often working right alongside you on something.

Another aspect is that while you’ll be coming in at an entry level, you’re probably going to be wearing multiple hats for the job so to speak. It’s not out of the question for you to be handling marketing, as well as graphic design or other things like that. Overall, it’s a good experience for those looking to be entrepreneurs at some point as that role demands you wear even more hats.

If this interests you, there are a few options out there for you to consider. The top options are LinkedIn and Angel’s List. Though one tip before deciding which startup to join, look at the company on CrunchBase. While startups are fantastic, many are merely clinging to dreams and dreams won’t pay the bills. So make sure you are working for a company that has a great trajectory. If the company has that, there is likely going to be press about it.

Being A Personal Assistant

A personal assistant is another avenue for getting your foot into the door of any kind of industry. There are many people out there who need a personal assistant and there is no short supply of them. From celebrities to influencers, bloggers, or personal chefs, this can provide you with some perspective into these paths if those appeal to you.

Overall, this gives you a glimpse into your dream job’s day-to-day, which is exciting. You could also get some decent exposure as well in those areas, which can benefit you in the future.

As for the job itself, regardless of who you’re assisting, there are a ton of organizational skills needed and you’ll need a flexible schedule too. When you’re a personal assistant, you’re not only working on yourself, but someone else too. Doing it well enough can help you build a career long-term in the chosen industry. The only thing to keep in mind is that it’ll take some time, so don’t expect you’ll land something in that industry after being someone’s personal assistant for a month or so.

Flight Attendant

Even though this pandemic has neutered air travel by a lot, it’s still an option to consider for the future. It’s one good way for you to be able to see the world. Your twenties is a good time to do that, since there is a high chance you don’t have that much commitment back home at the moment. So getting the chance to travel is very nice.

The only thing to keep in mind is that climbing the ladder in the aviation world takes time.

Chances are high that your first several flights aren’t going to be exact routes to where you might want to be going. However, soon enough, you’ll get the chance to enjoy a night – or even two – at some amazing places while you’re waiting for the next flight.

Account Executives In Sales

For those who already have a Bachelor’s degree, you may be still figuring where you want to be working at. That’s okay. One consideration you’ve got is sales. If you’ve got love for people, are okay with working hard and are skilled with numbers, this could be a good option to consider.

Every company out there needs sales people and depending on the company you’re working with, your sales job can demand different things from you. Some require you to travel, while others will get you to do cold calling. Either way, this can be a good position that can get you into a company that you can start climbing up in.

The beauty about sales is that while it’s harder than most jobs, it can be highly profitable as well. The only real question is figuring out what you want to be selling in the first place.

Media or Marketing Coordinator

For those with a love for creativity and understanding businesses, media marketing is an option. So many companies right now are looking for talented people that would handle this job well. The reason that’s the case is that these jobs are really easy to get into, as they require only a few years of experience overall.

In terms of the job itself all – you’re doing is promoting the company while bringing in leads or sales for that business. As a result, you need to be creative, analytical, and develop business skills along the way.

Social Media Manager

Along the same lines as a marketing coordinator, you can also be a social media manager.

Instead of bringing in leads and sales through various methods, you’re focusing more around content management and making content that sparks engagement.

It’s a whole new way of thinking, since the idea is all about growing a fanbase through the internet, as opposed to converting existing members into customers.

Getting into specifics for the job, you’ll, of course, be making content, but you’ll also be planning out posts, interacting with customers and more. These kinds of roles are going to be in higher demand as the years go on as social media is likely going to be how companies will be promoting for years to come. As such, getting in there now would be your best bet.

Music Producer

Another creative space to consider is the music industry. There are all kinds of jobs out there these days for music fans. You’ve got platforms like Spotify and Pandora along with major festivals, which give you a chance to work in the music field. Beyond that you’ve also got the artists themselves via representation companies or producing companies.

Another angle to look at this option is through podcasts as well. They have been growing in popularity these days, so it’s much possible for you to work for a podcast company too.

Web Or Software Developer

Got any skills in tech or with computers? One avenue you can look into is being a developer.

These individuals are always in high demand and the pay is very good too. Almost every company out there needs some kind of developer – either for an app, software, or their website.

Even if you’ve never developed anything before, there are plenty of classes online and in your local area too where you can pick up these skills. Our suggestion is to start off with small companies first before thinking of working with the bigger ones.

Public Relations

PR jobs focus on two things: promoting and maintaining the image of a company. In all likelihood, your job is going to be all about sending press releases to news outlets or managing social media accounts.

Overall, this is a wonderful industry for younger people to be part of some big projects for a few reasons. First, there are a lot of opportunities out there for those with less experience. Second, you’ll get to learn skills that you’re going to be using for the rest of your career from this position.

Finding PR jobs is simple, though do keep in mind to provide a cover letter when applying for such positions. While a cover letter in the other jobs isn’t as crucial, this time it is. You’ll no doubt be writing a lot on behalf of the company, so giving them a sample of your writing skills will help.

Customer Success Manager

An oddly titled position that some of you might not have heard of and that’s fine. After all, it’s a pretty new type of job that startups have created. That said, this job can stretch beyond that. The premise of this job is that any company that deals with customers – especially high volumes of them – will typically have someone in charge of ensuring customers have a great experience.

How they do this is look at customer service processes and figure out how to improve them for their own customers when they’re unhappy about something. Overall, these are good paying jobs that allow plenty of work-life balance in the process.

Dental Hygienist

The last option we have on the list is a dental hygienist. Unlike others in the medical field, you don’t need to spend your entire twenties studying to get into these positions. You get the same sort of perks as most in the medical field would be getting from this type of work as well, with a few changes.

Overall, they do a ton of work, though this position isn’t for those weak of heart, as you can imagine.